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aving accrued more than two decades of
                    inimitable expertise in the field of plastic surgery,
           HDr.  Sebastien  Garson has garnered a laudable
            reputation  for  his  work  in  private  practice  in  Senlis,
                                                                       Dr. Garson pursued a formal education at
            France, since 2005, focusing on the areas of aesthetic and
                                                                       a medical school based in Amiens, France,
            reconstructive surgery, particularly regarding the face,
                                                                       where he attained a Doctor of Medicine
            breasts and abdomen. He previously worked as an associate
                                                                       in 2001, and was further licensed as a
            with the Morphology and Cognitive Laboratory of Lyon,
                                                                       plastic surgeon from the same institution
            France. In addition to his practice in Senlis, he also offers
                                                                       in 2004. During the course of his
            consultations in Paris.
                                                                       academic  efforts, he received  training
                                                                       from professor Bernard Devauchelle,
                                                                       a French oral and maxillofacial surgeon
                                                                       who successfully completed the world’s

                                                                       first face transplant in 2005, as well
                                                                       as Dr. Bernard Cornette de Saint  Cyr
                                                                       Bernard,  who  is  a  cosmetic  and  breast
                                                                       surgeon of considerable renown, and

                                                                       Dr. Emmanuel Delay, an assistant at the
                                                                       Leon Berard Cancer Center in Lyon. Dr.
                                                                       Garson is also a licensed plastic surgeon
                                                                       through the European Board of Plastic

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