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                  A year full of ups and downs.

                  Covid has brought upon a significant change in everyone’s life. The era of connecting in person
                  has been taken over by hybrid meetings or online Zoom calls.

                  Digital platform of communication is here to stay and Plasticos in its endeavour to bring out the
                  best presents to you Volume 7.

                  Plasticos is glad to announce a great collaboration with IMCAS. IMCAS being a world class
                  organisation especially in Aesthetics is poised to host a world class Hybrid conference in January

                  2022, Paris.

                  This volume comprises of Inspiring interviews, Journeys of Breast reconstruction patient, art

                  sculptor , digital medical artists and much more.

                  We are sure that our readers will acknowledge that this Volume was worth the wait.

                  Happy reading!

                      DR. RAJAT GUPTA                              DR. ANMOL CHUGH

              VOL 7, 2021                                                                                  2
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