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1. Please tell us about your training years and what attracted you to Plastic Surgery?

                      I get the chance to do 15 years for my training and the chance to visit expert colleagues like

               Dr Cornette de Saint Cyr who gave me the strength to do plastic surgery.

               2. How do you feel the practice of aesthetic surgery has changed over the years?

                      The practice doesn’t change so much in my practice in term of indication. In term of issues
               with techniques, technique refinement such as A-net is interesting. Also, things like the addition of
               EBD combined with liposuction.

               3. Do you believe there is a set pattern to follow in order to be a successful plastic


                      Be ethical, respect your patients, do not bad mouth or negatively comment about your

               4. What is Dr. Sebastien normally doing when he is not operating?
                      There’s a lot to do for IMCAS as well as working with a wonderful staff. I get the chance work

               also for the French trade union of plastic surgeons, the French society SOFCEP and ISAPS. My family
               takes a great place too and sharing my hobbies with them.

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